Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Hello again! I beg your pardon for my absence but it seems I’m starting to finally have a bit of a life again & I am quite enjoying it! I also had a hard time figuring out something to talk about for this blog entry but it popped up in my head just a few minutes ago – so now I’m typing this. Hoorah? So I have had six more page views since I last checked on this which is slow but still okay for me. Now that Facebook is working again I plan on getting this blog some more well-deserved attention. I just hope that soon I’ll eventually gain some followers.

I’m going to talk about monopolies today, like Tim Horton’s, Wendy’s, Arby’s etc, about how backwards their thinking is when it comes to introducing new politics. I’m going to focus in more on Tim Horton’s because since I work there, I know a little bit more about it.

So we got in some new bagels – Maple Cinnamon French Toast, Sundried Tomato, yadda yadda so on & so forth - & as such we had to get rid of some. The ones we got rid of were the Wheat N’ Honey & Blueberry bagels (which made me really sad because I love the Wheat N Honey bagels). They’re two of the most popular bagels at our store & I can’t help but wonder what they were thinking when they got rid of the two popular ones. I could understand getting rid of the ones that don’t sell as much, like sesame seed bagels or the plain bagels. One would think that you would lose more business if you got rid of peoples favorite menu items & force them into buying a new product. It shouldn’t be all about the money but customer satisfaction. The more satisfied your customer the more likely they’ll continue to buy at your store, right? I guess people don’t really think about those things once they’re making a lot of money. It makes me sad really.

So the question of the day is:  What do you hate about our society today? 

For me, I’m always sickened by people who always have to have the latest technology. They spend thousands of dollars upgrading from version 1.0 to 1.1 or 1.5 because it’s the ‘newer’ product. I’ve had the same phone for about a year now & I’m still as happy with it as I was from day one. My computer on the other hand tends to piss me off with how slow it is, but that’s my fault since I’m not that educated on a computers basic needs.

So just post your comments on the bottom or inbox them to me. I’d be happy to hear from you.
Thanks for reading!


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Good afternoon, ladies & gentlemen!  It’s just the first few days of November but the sun is still shining & so far there is no snow in sight. However, I hear it’s not the same in Calgary, Alberta. I hear Mother Nature is taking her wrath out on them. You poor folks that live down there! I hope you all have a nice warm parka. Our Canadian winters can be awfully unforgiving. 

On a sad note I have been unfortunate enough to catch a cold but that’s what happens when someone else shows up to work with a cold. Like a catchy tune it tends to catch on with everyone else. At least I had a day off work after I caught it. It’s nice to relax & allow myself to be sick. Before you go telling me that if I was truly sick I would be laying down in bed right now, I’m just going to remind you that typing for you folks is not considered ‘hard work’ to me. Also, I took a shower this morning so needless to say that woke me up rather quickly.

I suppose I won’t be posting daily considering I missed yesterdays post but after I got off work I just went to straight to bed. So I apologize if you were hoping for a post & didn’t receive one! I will try to fit two posts in one for you. & thank you for 4 page views already! That is an incredible success for me!

So for today, I would like to discuss what I call ‘kid-catering’: where parents cater to their kids. I find it quite common in our society today & I don’t really quite understand it. I don’t have kids of my own but I have babysat a lot of cute children & I don’t understand why some parents treat their households like a restaurant. ‘Oh you don’t want your vegetables, Billy? Would you like a grilled cheese & some soda pop instead?’ While some would argue that grilled cheese sandwiches are healthy I’d like to point out that unless you serving whole wheat bread & real brick cheese, you’re simply putting processed materials into their stomachs, which – if I have read all the material correctly – has been linked to diabetes & obesity in persons of all ages. I don’t see a lot of kids these days asking for whole wheat bread.

I understand that when a kid starts whining & hollering it gets very annoying & most parents just want to make it stop because nobody likes to hear their children cry. Yes, it is a simple fix & I would probably resort to the same thing every now & then. I just don’t understand why you don’t strike a compromise. ‘You don’t want your vegetables, Billy? If I make you a grilled cheese you have to promise mother that you will clean up all of your toys after you’re finished eating.’ Easier said than done & its highly likely the kid will eat the grilled cheese & then end up making even more of a mess rather than sticking to the agreement. I’m sure most don’t even understand what an agreement is.

Growing up I was never really catered to. I got fed what was put on my plate & that was what we were having. There was no arguing, there was no giving in but there was compromise. ‘Just two more bites of your potatoes & three more of your ham.’ It wasn’t meant to be mean, it was them trying to teach me to appreciate that I even have food. Wouldn’t you agree that people are more focused on the things that they lack rather than what they have gained? I would have to blame it on consumerism.

I suppose the question I am asking you readers is this: Is it ever okay to cater to a child requests & if not, in what situation would it be okay?

Signing off for now! Have a great day.

-T.A.B (: 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

1st of November

      Welcome to my blog, ladies & gentlemen! This little piece of pixilated joy is my creative outlet, a place where I can go to rant about this & that, perhaps gain a few followers & have intelligent conversations with people from across the globe! While that may seem like some high hopes, I am certain that with dedication & hard work, not to mention a few controversial topics, I can get this blog a lot of attention. My dream to be the master of a popular blog will soon prevail! Let’s hope that my writers block doesn’t get in the way. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing this!

Stay Tuned!